Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Heat Capacity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Heat Capacity - Assignment Example For instance, it would take 2 minutes to heat an electric kettle holding about 1.6 kg of water from 200C to 600C while it will take 100 minutes to heat a hot water tank holding about 160 kg of water by the same temperature with a 5 kW immersion heater. This explains why it takes longer waiting for hot water tanks to heat up water for bathing than would be the time waited for kettles to boil. The water contained in hot water tanks have higher heat capacities that the water in kettles. Hence, it would require more energy to raise the temperature of the water in the hot water tank than it would be required to raise the temperature in the kettle. Taking the same mass of different materials, it would take different times to raise their temperatures by equal magnitude using the same electric heater. Thus, Avison (2009) documents various heat capacities for 1 kg of different materials as shown in Figure 1. Measuring the heat capacity of a substance with reference to its specific mass gives its specific heat capacity. Hewitt et al. (2012) define specific heat capacity, c, as the heat energy required to raise the temperature of a kilogram of a substance by 1 Kelvin. Hence: Note that experimental values tend to be higher than the exact specific heat capacities of various substances because of the heat losses during heating (Avison, 2009). Due to such difficulties in determining the specific heat capacities of substances, they have been documented for referencing. Table 1 shows some specific heat capacities for various substances. The knowledge of heat capacity, and specific heat capacity by extension, informs on the heating characteristics of substances. As such, it plays a critical role in determining the substances to use when making instruments where the heating characteristics of such substances are of basic importance. Therefore, substances that have a small specific heat capacity heat up quickly and additionally

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Womens Crisis Services of Waterloo Region Organization Essay

Womens Crisis Services of Waterloo Region Organization - Essay Example This paper illustrates that Haven and Anselma were functioning independently up until 2001 when they merged to form the present Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region (WCSWR). This also resulted in the integration of the board of directors and the creation of the post of the executive director who has the responsibility of managing the two facilities. The adoption of a dragonfly as its logo reflects the organizations’ literal shift from violence against women and children. The tagline â€Å"Moving beyond violence† is an enhancement of the message that achievement of equality is determined by human courage and initiative to propagate human values and leave violence against women in the past. Among its services is the residential program that serves women above the age of 16 either with or without children. These women include those who are being abused intimately or experiencing problems in a domestic relationship. The organization also has the outreach and ed ucation services that work closely with the process of transitioning women to independence, and also those seeking assistance from their current abusive situations. The education program functions to provide the community and professionals with the required information on healthy relationships. Therefore, they are guided by the fact that there should be synergistic efforts towards achieving a better world without violence against women with a mission of providing shelter, education and public sensitization to all the abused women and children. Therefore, it has grown to become the subsequent vision that any form of aggression against women and children will not be tolerated by society. The organization’s central contributions lie in the empowerment of women against this vice in the advent of calls for equality among males and females. This organization is also playing a fundamental part in refining the community regarding the costs of domestic violence and the benefits of avo iding it. It is also playing a significant role in creating conflict resolutions and ways to avoid the emergence of these conflicts. In another word, it means that the organization is working on the creation, sustainability and dissemination of peace in homes hence alleviating this problem of violence that is directed by men towards women.