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Commitment to Failure - Free Essay Example

Prof Most People fail, not because of lack of desire, but, because of lack of commitment said Vince Lombardi. Many college students find themselves unready for college causing dropouts of classes or failure in college courses. Many college students are high school graduates who think theyre ready for the next chapter in their life, college. College, however, is different from high school. Three main causes to for failure and college dropouts are bad study habits practiced in high school, lack of academic preparedness, and the commitment to put in the work. One of the causes of failure and dropouts to college is bad study habits. Students in high school would go home to study but there are excessive distractions at home such and television and music. Flickering lights and sounds not only pique your childrens interest, they slow down the learning process and hinder reading comprehension (Garcia). The internet and cellular devices might seem like a resource to study but multitasking teenagers who text, listen to music, have Facebook open, and are Skyping with a classmate while doing their homework are less likely to retain information theyre studying (Miller). Another example that many people are guilty of is procrastination. Procrastination is when students wait until last minute to do assignments. Procrastination can lead to doing things halfway and not retaining as much information as necessary to ace that exam(Rachel M). In addition to bad study habits, the lack of academic preparedness is a reason of failing in college. Why is it that students get good grades in high school and high GPAs in college but when taking the placement test in college they score low? Causing a student to take developmental classes in college and learning something that should have been learned in high school. Students come to college thinking its more or like high school thinking they can fly by without studying, taking notes or asking questions. Another reason for this is that the system failed, teachers and counselors dont prepare a student with the correct material or course that a student should be learning in high school causing them be classes or even a year behind in college. In some schools, councilors just want the students to graduate high school ; instead, of having students stay back another year to learn the subjects students needed or will need in college. Another reason for failing is students dont put commitment into their education as they should. There are multiple reasons for commitment that can interfere with college such as having job. Most college students attend school and work a part-time for full time job which is considered a distraction. Students either miss school or stay up late because of their job, making it harder to commit to school. Another reason for lack of commitment is personal issues with the family, friends, spouses, or children which can become a huge distraction and lack of commitment with students. Most students drop out or even fail college due to the bad study habits, lack academic preparedness and commitment towards school. References: Garcia, Lori. 10 Bad Study Habits And How To Fix Them. Babble, 8 Oct.2018, M,Rachel. Extremely Bad Study Habits Of College Students. 8 Oct. 2018. Miller, Tom. 5 Bad Study Habits Youve Probably Been Following. 8 Oct. 2018.

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Ethnography Essay - 989 Words

Ethnography Works Cited Missing Anthropology is defined, in the most basic terms, as the study of other cultures. This field can subsequently be divided into more specific sects, and contain more precise defining characteristics, but this definition is essentially all that is needed. Anthropology is a science that attempts to look at other cultures and draw conclusions to questions that are raised while studying. An anthropologist is someone who accepts what is presented before them and is driven by an urge to understand each presentation as thoroughly as possible. Once the concept of anthropology is accepted, one must identify the means of reaching the goal of this field. In the sect of social anthropology, this vehicle is known as†¦show more content†¦Although Malinowskis writings have been widely read and understood, they are not generally accepted as correct. Malinwoski writes in a style of perpetuating the notion of Self and Other. His attempts at understanding the culture he is studying may be of goo d intention, but he uses a condescending, superior attitude in the process. He aims at being in touch with the natives,(Malinoski, 8) but describes the people as savages and explains that ethnology has introduced law and order into what seemed chaotic and freakish. It has transformed for us the sensational, wild and unaccountable world of savages into a number of well ordered communities, governed by law, behaving and thinking according to consistent principles(Malinowski, 9-10). He is essentially contradicting himself, saying that he both strives to be in touch with the natives in order to give a full understanding of their lives, while conducting his research with a superior attitude, which denies any chances of being authentically in touch. It is this contradiction that has prompted many to use new techniques, transgressing the rules established by Malinowski and his contemporaries. Renato Rosaldo is one of the most highly acclaimed, contemporary anthropologists. He is also one that has sought a new style of writing to give his ethnographic accounts. In his celebrated work, Grief and a Headhunters Rage, Rosaldo uses the traditional rules of anthropology as theShow MoreRelated Ethnography Essay1090 Words   |  5 PagesEthnography Works Cited Missing Reflexivity is a qualitative method of research that takes an ethnography one step further, displaying the personal thoughts and reflections of the anthropologist on his informants. Ethnographies generally take an outside or foreign perspective of a culture, like reading a text, and reflexivity introduces a new component of inside description. Here, the anthropologist may describe personal interactions and experiences with natives and use this inside informationRead MoreCritical Analysis : Critical Ethnography1457 Words   |  6 PagesIt takes caution, dedication, and morality, among many other traits, to be a good ethnographer. Adding to this, one requires a passion for justice and just change in the world to be a good critical ethnographer. Critical ethnography makes its name as a subfield in its participants’ need to alter what they view as less than acceptable conditions within a community. It extends beyond the mere study of cultures and ethnic groups and their historic problems, into territory that explores ways in whichRead MoreEssay about Ethnography1634 Words   |  7 PagesEthnography One of the most complex and interesting aspects of cultural anthropology is the ethnography. The idea of being able to read stories about groups of individuals is something that is intriguing to many people. With the ethnography, the authors many times feel that they have control and understanding over the individuals that they are writing about. Furthermore, many of these authors assume that the individuals among whom they are living and studying exemplify the entire society asRead MoreAnthropology, Ethnography, And Ethnology1568 Words   |  7 Pageswhen studying culture, ethnography, and ethnology. Ethnography and Ethnology may share a zeal for culture, they possess distinctive methodology and unique goals. Life on the field does not lack its myriad of challenges which the anthropologist must work through daily. Through the studies of ethnography and ethnology, we are able to educate ourselves on the lives and rich variegated cultures with whom we share our world. We see the frui tful work of ethnology and ethnography all around us. EthnologyRead MoreEssay about The Role of Reflexivity in Ethnography1395 Words   |  6 PagesThe Role of Reflexivity in Ethnography Reflexivity, as I understand it, is very well named.It is the practice of reflecting upon oneself and one’s work, of being self-aware and self-critical. In anthropology, it is well exemplified by the work of Renato Rosaldo, Ruth Behar, and Dorinne Kondo, among others. In its most obvious form (or at least the form most obvious to me), reflexivity is manifest in the practice of an ethnographer including herself in her own ethnographic research---seeing herselfRead MoreEssay about Writing an Ethnography2331 Words   |  10 Pageseven more pertinent if posed about ethnographies. An ethnography is, by nature, meant to be a description of a people (the dictionary definition actually refers to â€Å"scientific description of individual cultures,† but that brings up questions about the meaning of â€Å"scientific† and â€Å"culture†). How can a people (or a culture) be described truthfully? And what is the relationship between the idealized pursuit of truth and ethical practices? In writing an ethnography, both what the ethnographer sees (asRead MoreThe Perils And Privileges Of Auto Ethnography1141 Words   |  5 PagesReading Response Week 4: The Perils and Privileges of Auto-Ethnography Although not mentioned in this week’s Marshall/Rossman chapter, feminism and autoethnography has popped up before in prior readings, so there is some familiarity with both concepts. Now comes what their synthesis looks like in practice. In this light the readings forced me to re-examine positionality, especially in the framework of auto-ethnography. At first I thought this was too obvious but in light of the titularRead MoreThe Science Of Desire : Ethnography And Its Proponents Play1144 Words   |  5 PagesSummary The article The Science of Desire presents ethnography and its proponents play an important role in modern business world. Author Ante began with an example, the satellite-radio war, to show how ethnography worked in business. In satellite-radio war, Sirius Satellite Ratio made a team of social scientists, designers, and ethnographers. Through studying customers’ habit of listening to music, watching TV and reading magazines, the team concluded several facts that can defeat competitors. ThenRead MoreKung Life: An Ethnography by Majorie Shostak1023 Words   |  5 PagesThe many ethnographies produced from the fieldwork of anthropologist, account for much of our knowledge of cultures we may co nsider foreign of our own. Ethnographies are often written to provide an understanding of the practices of the studied culture, thus bridging the gap between separate ways of life. Majorie Shostak is one of the well known anthropologist who attempts to do just this in her writings. During her stay in the Dobe regions of Botswana, she studied the life of !Kung women to findRead MoreEthnography And Its Difference From Other Research Methods1439 Words   |  6 PagesEthnography is a complex process it s not just simply viewing children in their environment.Ethnography allow research to examine children in ways other research cannot because ethnography allows the researcher to see and be a part of a children s peer culture.Ethnography involves prolonged fieldwork where researchers study a group to understand their mundane practices of life. the observation allows them to see their physical and institutional settings, their daily routines,their beliefs and

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What Makes A Tragic Hero - 1179 Words

Popular descriptions of Alexei Karenin label him as a cold and passionless government official who doesn’t care about his wife or family. Indeed, he is viewed as the awful husband who is holding Anna hostage in a loveless marriage. However, this is a highly exaggerated description, if not completely false, analysis of Karenin. Upon careful analysis of Karenin’s character and his actions, it is clear that he is not the person Anna makes him out to be. In fact, with thorough examination of the passage on pages 384 and 385 of Anna Karenina, it is clear that Alexei Karenin can be considered the hidden tragic hero of the novel. It is necessary to have a clear definition of a â€Å"tragic hero†. Aristotle defines a tragic hero as â€Å"a person who must evoke a sense of pity and fear in the audience. He is considered a man of misfortune that comes to him through error of judgment† and brings his downfall to evoke the feelings of pity and fear among the audience. Aristotle also names five key characteristics that make a tragic hero a tragic hero. They are as follows: hubris, anagnorisis, catharsis, hamartia, and nemesis. We can recognize these five stages by following Karenin’s thought process throughout this passage. Hubris, or having too much pride in oneself and one’s beliefs, is the first sign of a tragic hero that can be seen in this passage. Indeed, the passage begins by explaining Karenin’s one major mistake: â€Å"in preparing for his meeting with his wife, he had not considered theShow MoreRelatedThe Tragic Hero Of Oedipus The King1156 Words   |  5 Pages The topic I chose is the tragic hero topic. There exists a number of parameters that describe a tragic hero and thus it was my desire to get to understand these parameters. It was also my desire to be in position to give the difference between normal heroes and a tragic hero and give see the main dimensions of the two figures. I preferred to work with the book by Sophocles Oedipus, the king, in order to portray the attributes of a tragic hero. The book contains adequate information concerning theRead MoreEssay The Tragedy of Othello1292 Words   |  6 Pagesof a tragic hero. Shakespeare was influenced by Aristotle’s concept of a tragic hero and used Aristotle’s principles to create Othello. William Shakespeare attempted to create an Aristotelian tragedy play with a tragic hero and succeeded in Othello, the Moor of Venice by weaving in pity and fear into each line and action. The power of pity and fear creates the upmost tragic situation and follows in accordance of Ari stotle’s definition of tragedy. Othello makes the ultimate act as a tragic hero by killingRead MoreOedipus As A Tragic Hero1094 Words   |  5 Pagesthe King, Oedipus struggles to accept the truth and lets his temper over power him. He can be displayed as a tragic hero. His refusal to accept the truth led to Oedipus’ down fall. A tragic hero, as defined by Aristotle, â€Å"is a literary character who makes a judgment error that inevitably leads to his/her own destruction.† Sophocles’ Oedipus exemplifies Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero. In the play, Oedipus unknowingly has cursed the entire town of Thebes. He was cursed to kill his father andRead MoreDefining the Tragic Hero Essay632 Words   |  3 PagesA tragic hero is the main character in a tragedy story. He is the main theme. He is the source behind the main issues of the plot and some major points maybe cleared by observing his actions and nature. The tragic hero is always larger than life, a person of action whose decisions determine the fate of others. He is a man who is superior then the average person, a character of noble stature and greatness. Though the tragic hero is pre-eminently great, he is not perfect. Otherwise, the audienceRead MoreA Streetcar Named Desire-A Tragic Hero1422 Words   |  6 Pagesplots, cliches etc. Among those is the classic tragic hero, one who is destined to fail no matter what. In a Streetcar Named Desire, the tragic hero is Blanche Dubois, an aging Southern Belle living in a state of perpetual panic about her fading beauty. In this essay it will be discussed what makes Blanche a tragic hero and how she compares to a typical tragic hero. A typical tragic hero is first and foremost, born of noble stature. This gives the hero something to fall from, so they can fall fromRead MoreJulius Caesar: Who is the Better Tragic Hero, Caesar or Brutus?1446 Words   |  6 PagesThe Search for the Perfect Hero In the world today people consider a hero to be someone like Superman or Spider-Man. In the dictionary a hero is considered or defined as a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities. Though a hero is thought to be free of mistakes they all have tragic flaws like everyone else. A tragic flaw is explained by Aristotle’s definition, which says that: a tragic hero as a character of great reputation and prosperity whoseRead More The Tragic Hero: Creon or Antigone? Essay1293 Words   |  6 PagesAntigone and Creon can both be thought of as the tragic hero of the play. Though Antigone does show some of these characteristics of a tragic hero, Creon demonstrates the attributes more clearly and concisely. Creon is the King of Thebes, as well as the uncle of Antigone. Creon took the throne after a tragic quarrel between his two nephews, Eteocles and Polyneices. Despite his harsh governing and his crude ideals, he is not good or bad. C reon is the tragic hero of the play Antigone, because of his superiorityRead MoreA Dolls House As A Tragic Hero Analysis967 Words   |  4 PagesA tragic hero is defined as a person â€Å"who has achieved, or who has the ability to achieve greatness but who through a weakness, or tragic flaw in his character, falls into the depths of misery and often to his death† (Ingham 1). Within Oedipus Rex, Sophocles laid the foundation for what is now considered the ideal tragic hero. Within A Doll’s House, Ibsen creates a modern hero in Nora Helmer; a woman who was oppressed for going against social rules for saving her husband. Nora follows the AristotelianRead MoreSophocles Antigonon : The Tragic Hero : Creon742 Words   |  3 PagesThe Tragic Hero: Creon Hero. Hero comes from the greek word heros meaning â€Å"A person who faces adversity, or demonstrates courage, in the face of danger.† Growing up we have always read stories about heroes coming to save the day; for instance, Captain America. Being that our whole lives we were mostly exposed to heroism, have you ever asked yourself what is the opposite of a hero? A villain is the opposite of a hero, but their is another opposite form of a hero; a tragic hero. A Tragic hero is â€Å"ARead MoreThe Tragic Hero Of Sophocles Antigone1521 Words   |  7 PagesAn Aristotelian tragic hero is a literary character who makes a judgment that ultimately leads to his or her own destruction. An example of a true Aristotelian tragic hero is Creon from Sophocles’ play, Antigone. Creon is the tragic hero because he goes through the five stages of a tragic hero which leads to his destruction. His tragic flaw is him being afraid to admit that he has made a mistake. He is too proud of hi s power and his ability to make laws which leads to his son and wife committing

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Is Canadian Culture Doomed to Become American Essay

Is Canadian Culture Doomed to Become American? As Alvin Toffler once said, â€Å"The wider any culture is spread, the thinner it gets†1. Such holds true for the American culture, which is not only a dominating factor in its own internal market and known domestically but also a dictating force in countries around the world on the global scale, and the first on their list – Canada. This issue of cultural imperialism is touched upon by Gaà «tan Tremblay in his article, â€Å"Is Quebec Culture Doomed to Become American?† Although Tremblay talks about the American culture’s influence on Canada as a whole, his main concern in this article is Quebec, which is in a separate league than the rest of Canada due to its different linguistics. Tremblay†¦show more content†¦They feel as if there is â€Å"a real threat of cultural invasion†5 from the American culture. Tremblay uses some significant points to establish his argument and prove his position and opinion. The first issue he raises is the presence of American programs on Quebec television, where he mentions that about one third of the total television supply is of foreign origin mainly American, which is not so bad but he does reveal that the presence of foreign products is much higher in Canada compared to the United States. He also states that during the evenings, between six o’clock and midnight, the situation is even better because â€Å"the proportion of Canadian content attains 73%†6. He mentions that the French-language television stations for the most part, respect the â€Å"Commission’s regulatory quota fixing a 60% minimum for Canadian content during prime time†7. The part that Canadians should be concerned with is the area of entertainment, particularly drama programming such as series, films and cartoons. He indicates that the percentage of drama p rogramming broadcast produced locally by francophone Quebecois television stations decreased from 16.9% in 1982, to less than 10% in 1989, which is quite a significant plunge. An entertainment sector that is really vulnerable to American culture is the production of films. In 1990, Tremblay states that according to The Social Communication Board, compared to 55% American films, there wereShow MoreRelated The American Cultural Invasion of Canada Essay1298 Words   |  6 PagesThe American Cultural Invasion of Canada â€Å" Canada s national obsession seems to be its own identity.† For many years Canada has feared the increasing influence of its North American neighbors on its culture - the United States . It has become a matter of growing concern for the people of power and influence in Canada to maintain their separate cultural identity and to promote their own cultural norms. Gaetan Tremblay presents his views on this topic and does this from the perspective of a personRead MoreThe Uncertain Future Of Quebec Culture1335 Words   |  6 PagesFuture of Quebec Culture Gaetan Tremblay, a professor of communications at the University of Quebec at Montreal and deputy manager of the Group of research on cultural industries and social computerization (GRICIS), is a leading researcher for public policies in the field of communications. Tremblay is an advocate of public policy that defends against cultural imperialism by countries such as the United States . In particular, Tremblay studies the effects of the media on culture in Canada especiallyRead MoreDiscuss One of the Literary Works on the Course Reading List. Looking at the Settings, the Characters, and/or the Themes of the Book, What Does It Tell You About Canada and Canadian Culture? Maria Chapdelaine, by Louis Hà ©mon,1652 Words   |  7 Pagesbook, what does it tell you about Canada and Canadian culture? Maria Chapdelaine, by Louis Hà ©mon, Maria Chapdelaine, written by French author Louis Hà ©mon, represents Canadian identity, its cultural and social aspects. Even though the book seems quite easy to read, the story is, in fact, pretty complex to comprehend - it is truly philosophical, there are many ways to analyze it. In my opinion, book introduces north Canadians lifestyle and difficulties they face,Read MoreEnglish Is An International Business Language1399 Words   |  6 PagesThe surest factor in accelerating the development of a universal way of life is proved by the spread of English. Language - the great agent of homogenization, it is the wave on which culture is transmitted. If English becomes the main language of communication, the consequences are obvious: culture of English-speaking countries will be dominant in the world. English is the first universal global language. Although there may be as many people who speak different dialects of Chinese language, as wellRead MoreThe Impact Of Immigration On The United States And Canada Essay1552 Words   |  7 PagesChapter One: Introduction to Investigation Immigration to North American nations has been a staple process for countries like the United States and Canada. Without immigrants, these two nations would not have become as large and successful as they are today. However, easy and encouraged immigration has not always been a constant for these two countries. Throughout the centuries, there have been issues and disputes over immigration for particular ethnicities and groups of people which continue evenRead MoreCanada and Quebecs Conflict Essay example1971 Words   |  8 Pagesconfederation of 1867 to the Supreme court judgement on the secession of Quebec in 1998. Quebec faces several challenges in terms of constitutional relations with the rest of Canada. Quebec is seeking a special status to preserve and protect its culture and language, while the rest of English-speaking Canada accepts the view of provincial equality. There have been attempts to recognize Quebecs concerns through constitutional amendments, but these attempts h ave not lived up to Quebecs expectationsRead MoreHistory Grade 10 Exam Review6476 Words   |  26 PagesConservative * William Lyon Mackenzie King: 1921- 1926, 1926- 1930, 1935- 1948 * Liberal * Independence of Canada in foreign policies * Richard Bennett: 1930- 1935 * Conservative * Create Bank of Canada, 1934 * Canadian Wheat Board, 1935 * Unemployment Benefits, 1935 * Maurice Duplessis: 1936- 1939, 1944- 1959. * Union Nationale * Fleur- de -Lys * Dark Period in Quebecs history * William Aberhart (Premier of Alberta): 1935- 1943Read MoreWestern Culture in Two Gemanies2679 Words   |  11 Pagesfundamental difference in political ideals of two of the great nation at the time, the United States of American, and the Soviet Union. Throughout the life spans of these two nations one of the largest concern were the youth; as the future population of both nations, it would be on the shoulders of the youth that the countries ideal would be preserved or forgotten. During this time the influence of Western culture was permeating throughout most of the world, and both Germanies were not excluded. ThroughoutRead MoreWomen, Ageism, and Poverty in Canada2779 Words   |  12 Pagesas less worthy. This is because they don`t have the time, energy or appearance to continue contributing to society. In Amy J. C. Cuddy’s chapter in Ageism, she discusses the stereotyping of old age as being weak and frail (Nelson, p.4). North American culture promotes youth and beaut y, and the aged appear to have neither the stamina nor the understanding of the young because of their aged appearance. Diversiton states that by emphasizing a youthful physical appearance, it demeans the older woman (http://wwwRead MoreExploring Objectification Theory Through Media Output and Seduction Masters2168 Words   |  9 PagesThe United States was founded on principles of liberty, justice, and equality for all. In fact, the United States has gone to great lengths to uphold these principles for all. Except for Jews, Asians, African Americans and every other minority. Especially Women. The ‘Other Gender’ has been looked down upon since the conception of man. Previously, it was directed in the stereotype of male superiority, but now a far greater threat to women’s equal rights is emerging. The media has taken to idolizing

How Companies Maximize Profits - 1591 Words

Every company aims at maximizing its profit. This can be achieved by maintaining quality of services and goods, providing appropriate supply, and analysing consumers’ demands. However, there are number of economic factors that hinder this operation. These factors are government regulations, rate of interest, exchange rate, trade cycles, general price level, employment and income, economic growth, and supply and demand. Economics consists of macroeconomics and microeconomics. The former analyses national economy and offers knowledge about the business environment (Samuelson Nordhaus 2010, p.5). Macroeconomics centres on the overall economy rather than the fine specifics (Arnold 2011, p.). Here, there are a number of models that explain the relationship between international finance, international trade, investment, savings, inflation, unemployment, consumption, output, and national income. Trade cycles cause fluctuations in costs of services or goods. These cycles include recovery, depression, recession, and prosperity. The managing director will have to consider aspects such as deflation and inflation and macroeconomic policy (fiscal and monetary) to run the company efficiently. For instance, banking facilitates fiscal and monetary policies that affect consumers and businesses as well; that is, the policies influence inflation and economic activities (Arnold 2011, p.252). The latter examines the market behavior of firms and individual consumers in order to understand theShow MoreRelatedDifferentiating Between Market Structures Essay1077 Words   |  5 Pagesinterdependence among firms in determining pricing and output to maximize profits. The author of this paper will cover: the advantages and limitation of supply and demand identified in the simulation, the effectiveness of the organization in which the author knows, and how the organizations in each market structure maximizes profits. The simulation looks at all four types of market structure within the East-West Transportation Company. The four divisions operate within each of the four market structuresRead MoreAirline Pricing And The Game Of Yield Management1107 Words   |  5 Pagesdecades, the airlines are looking for the possibility to improve their yield management to maximize their profit. In order to achieve it, they have started to develop the yield management analysis, to understand the best time to sell the flight tickets with higher or lower prices, so, helping them to decide properly. How can airline companies improve their yield management in order to increase their profit without demand analysis? According to the OpenStax College, economists have defined the termRead MoreManagerial Economics : Assignment Questions1409 Words   |  6 PagesThe Honest Company, with Christopher Gavigan. Alba and Gavigan set up their site so families can choose what kinds of non-toxic, all-natural products they d like to use and get them in a bundle. Families can choose all kinds of products from food to hygiene necessities and cleaning supplies. Suppose they are thinking of expanding their business into five domestic markets: Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta. Assume their primary goal of business is to maximize economic profits, althoughRead MoreShareholder Theory Vs. The Competing Ideas Of Stakeholders Theories946 Words   |  4 Pagesthe sole responsibility and how these action may affect business as a whole. Finally I will take time to examine each and conclude with a personal justification to each. To make a profit, that s what most would say is the end goal in every business for the most part. Shareholder theory also related with stockholder theory providing a main emphasis on maximizing profit. Maximize profit within the corporation with the the help of the appointed executives within the company. This theory avoid the aspectRead MoreTootsie Roll Loan1548 Words   |  7 Pagesbe preparing a loan package to maintain ultimate company performance, maximize the company’s profits, and increase the shareholder’s value. Tootsie Roll Industry Inc. will be applying for a loan that will increase the company’s total liability by $17,449.50. A perfect loan package includes a concise executive summary that focuses primarily on the ratio analysis of the financial statement, justification for the loan, and explanation of how the company intends to use loan. The corresponding ratio calculationsRead MoreMaximizing the Corporate Objective with the Stakeholder Theory103 9 Words   |  4 Pagesdecisions so as to take account of the interests of all stakeholders in a firm, including not only financial claimants, but also employees, customers, communities, and governmental officials. Because the advocates of stakeholder theory refuse to specify how to make the necessary tradeoffs among these competing interests, they leave managers with a theory that makes it impossible for them to make purposeful decisions. With no clear way to keep score, stakeholder theory effectively makes managers unaccountableRead MoreDividend Decision : Profit Decision1035 Words   |  5 Pagespolicy that the company plans in regard to earnings for distribution as dividends to shareholders. Dividend decision determines the ratio of earnings between shareholders and retained earnings. †¢ The dividend decision is a decision about the amount and timing of any cash payments made to the company’s shareholders made by the directors of a company. The dividend decision is very important for the present day business world. †¢ The dividend decision play an important role in the company because it mayRead MoreBranding, Pricing, and Distribution1528 Words   |  7 Pagescompleted marketing strategy. The ultimate goal is to reach a successful culmination of all three tiers that will have a successful impact in introducing the brand, pricing it correctly, and forming a distribution model that will maximize the competitive advantage to the company or service in question. This report will outline the steps in developing a local branding outline as well as an international branding strategy .The idea behind branding is to differentiate your product, value, quality or serviceRead MoreThe Clash Between Management And Ownership1311 Words   |  6 Pagesdirectly, therefore a separation of ownership and control is needed. A managing team will run the corporation and this will easily lead to conflicts between the interest of the management and the shareholders. In this essay we will look at how the conflict s arise and how to mitigate these problems with different policies. The clash between management and ownership is called an agency problem. An agency problem can be defined as â€Å"when managers, despite being hired as the agents of shareholders, put theirRead MoreBusiness Strategy : Phillips Morris And R.j Essay1193 Words   |  5 PagesMorris and R.J. Reynolds are two of the most profitable businesses in the tobacco industry. Both companies have been established for many years and want to increase revenues. However, both have the same level of advantages and disadvantages, due the similarity in product being produced. As rivals, and competing for an increase in consumers, strategies are required to meet corporation goals. Both companies have a successful selling performance. But, marketing strategies can make the difference in increase

Local State Federal Police free essay sample

The United States uses police officers on three different levels to deal with citizens that violate the laws. The local, state, and federal agencies operate on different levels. Malignantly order and service functions, purpose of policing Is to do Investigation of suspected criminal activity and refer criminals to the American court. Police is needed to help maintain peace and order within the united States. Many critics feel that the policing is unrecognized and nonfunctional.The police are able to do their job and help other agencies control the public. The local, state, and federal are able to aid each one if they need the extra help. Local The local law enforcement agency it the first response to emergencies and other Issues that relate to public safety. They are also Involved with the protection of faceless and Infrastructure. Local law enforcement agencies operate some correctional facilities on the local level. The police functions deal with order maintenance, law enforcement, and service. The order maintenance refers to keeping he peace or preventing people from disturbing others. This can involve someone throwing a party and the music Is too loud. The neighbors complain and call the local police to handle the situation. Law enforcement Is when the law has been violated and suspects must be Identified and this can be murder or robbery. Service Is when the public needs information on where a street is located or even acting as educators. They may go out to schools or colleges to give them vital information on drugs.The local police have long-term relationships with the communities under heir Jurisdiction (Ford, 2004). The local police are present in the communities. State The state also has police, but they are called State police, state patrol, or highway patrol. They do investigations as well as state patrolling. This law enforcement Is part of the State Department of Public Safety. The state police statewide authority to conduct law enforcement activities and criminal investigations. They are allowed to perform functions outside the jurisdiction of the county sheriff.They are responsible for enforcing laws on state highways and interstates, protecting the governor, and roving technological and scientific support services. The state has the State Bureau of Investigation (SIB) and also the State Bureau of Narcotics (ISBN) . Some Michigan State Troops at the time replaced the National Guard (Oleander, 1932). Federal The federal law enforcement has a wide range of agencies to help maintain law and public order that can affect the country. They are authorized to enforce various laws on the federal level. They can enforce laws on the state and local levels as well.The federal law enforcement have nationwide Jurisdiction for enforcement, but pacifically their power is geographical limited. The United States Code helps limit the power of investigating matters within the power of the federal government. The USA Patriot Act have made it possible to broaden the federal agency investigation powers. Some agencies that are on the federal level involves the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEAD). The biggest federal agency is the Department of Justice (DO]).The DOC is the most prominent, well known agency and handles most law enforcement duties at the deader level. The newest law enforcement agency is the Department of Homeland Security. The Homeland Security Act of 2002 created the Department of Homeland Security (Brook, King, 2007). Each of the 50 states within the United States handles or retain their own police and domestic decision making. Jurisdiction On the local level, for the police are restricted to their Jurisdictions. The county and city police do not have full legal Jurisdiction. They may have to call on another county to help catch a suspect.There are laws that authorizes a police officer to go ended the geographical boundary. They can also be called on to assist officers of another Jurisdiction if they are needed. On the state level, they perform functions outside the Jurisdiction of the sheriff. They help to coordinate multi-]restriction task force activity in serious or complicated situations, but only in states that grant full power statewide. On the federal level, for the federal agency has power and Jurisdiction over a stats as a whole. They rarely have limited Jurisdiction.This could involve other countries hat do or do not have ties with the United States. It can be hard to catch a suspect overseas. The federal agency that is looking for the suspect can communicate with the country in order to capture the suspect. The country may be willing to give the suspect up if they give some type of aid that can help their country out. Organizations/Management On the local and state levels of policing, for they are similar in organization and management. The federal level of policing organization and management is different due to the different agency within the federal.The local, state, and federal organizations and management has changed due to the environment of policing. The new technologies, new offenses and managerial innovations to help put focus on the organization structure on all three levels of policing. The local police organization are small and this is due to the amount of local police in the county. The state police organization is fairly medium sized. The federal police organization is fairly large and this is because they have more to deal with on a national level as well as the state level.Policing management is driven by a militaristic view of policing and management unambiguous hierarchy, and centralization of command. This is important because having a limited number of workers per supervisor or manager. All workers know whom to report too. The decisions come from the top and flow down to all workers. Each level of policing do not have the same duties. The local and state police do resemble each other from organization to management. The federal police has different duties and their duties are limited to the specific type of department.

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John Mcphee John Mcphee And The Art Of Literary

Question: Describe about John Mcphee and the art Of literary nonfiction. Answer: Introduction John McPhee was born on March 8, 1931at Princeton, New Jersey. Later, John McPhee earned his graduation degree from Princeton University. After university, McPhee turned into an essayist for the famous time magazine. JOHN MCPHEE: A Mountain Main Points The Glacier crests in the falls are situated in the focal Washington. This is the place where the principal highlights happened. This is where a few mines are found and a few are presumably going to be situated later on ("Coming Into Mcphee Country: John Mcphee And The Art Of Literary Nonfiction"). Brower contends that mines destroy the area and the wild is dead if a natural gathering loses the fight whereas if they win they just incidentally have a triumph. This is vital because that it demonstrated whatever is left of the contention about building mines in the magnificent environment of the mountains. Another highlight was the point at which JOHN MCPHEE met Charles. This man needed to continue forming new land into urbanized urban communities, parks, and other individuals places(Root). This was a huge portion of the whole story since this began the second contention about individuals moving into spots we ought not to be and how that damages the territory in the range (McPhee). My Views Mountain ranges are where the matter is mining as well as harm the mining does versus the thought that mining helps or support us and spots should be mined to keep the economy going admirably. Because, we require our metals, though I believe that it is destroying the area and our nation. I think this helps to remember every one of the issues with environmentalist contending about dams, mining, and amusement. I believe these are some regular issues on the planet since, a few individuals are for building, digging and dams for materials while some others allow the earth to sit un-bothered and quit disturbing waterways and mountains. Therefore, I believe encounters through the Archdruida mountain is not a perfect work. JOHN MCPHEE: An Island The experience McPhee sets up, once more for what gives off an impression of being a week, is in the middle of Brower as well as a businessperson who needs to manufacture an unfathomable lodging advancement on the wild island off the shoreline of the Georgia, entire with an airplane terminal suitable for the private planes. Contrasted with the main experience, the discussion between the two enemies is considerably more pleasant. However, the businessperson, Charles Fraser, has extraordinary disdain for naturalists, calling all of them "Druids." Fraser tells Brower, I call anybody a Druid who inclines toward the trees to individuals (Winn). My Views I as an engineer believe that the main objective was to prevent Fraser from adding to the island since it will demolish it while Charles says that we have to create and keep taking Island. As an engineer, I believe Brower would, in the long run, win this fight, with a groundswell of resistance driving Fraser to offer his advancement on the Cumberland Island to Foundation of National Park. I believe the four men depicted here have distinctive connections to their surroundings, and they experience one another on mountain trails, in timber lands and rapids, some of the time with the store, once in a while with benevolence, at times contending energetically over a philosophical gap. References "Coming Into Mcphee Country: John Mcphee And The Art Of Literary Nonfiction". Choice Reviews Online 41.01 (2003): 41-0144-41-0144. Web. McPhee, John. Encounters With The Archdruid. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1971. Print. Root, Robert. "Recommended: John Mcphee". The English Journal 71.5 (1982): 77. Web. Winn, K. "Encounters With The Archdruid: Narratives About A Conservationist And Three Of His Natural Enemies. By John Mcphee. (New York: Farrar, Straus And Giroux, 1971. 245 Pp. $6.95.)". Forest Conservation History 16.1 (1972): 37-38. Web.